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How to order cake and cucpake ?

Feel free to visit our shop, contact us, find us o social media or send us an email.

I want to give cakes/ cupcakes for someone in Bali, but I am not in Bali / Overseas, Can you help?

Yes, absolutely we can help with your order and deliver the cake / cupcakes for your client/ family. Please do call us or send us an email.

Is it safe to bring cupcakes to outside as gift for my friends?

In our cupcakes box, we inserted cupcake holder to ensure the cupcakes are travel safelyeo.

I want to order customised cupcakes / cakes, how long should I confirm the order?

For customised cupcakes / cakes , you need to confirm it with us minimum 6 days prior. However if your customised cupcakes / cakes are “simple” enough, or you need it “urgently”, try to call us or email us.

How about wedding cakes, favours, or cupcake wedding , how long should I confirm the order?

For wedding, we treated each wedding differently, since most of the time the bride and groom has unique requirement, we need to received the confirmation a month in prior.

How to store cakes / cupcakes? And how long does it last?

For Cupcakes: you do not need it to be stored in refrigerator, room temperature is fine. However, if you put in the refrigerator, once you take it out, let it rest for 30-45 minutes till it become soft and moist again. Since we do not use any preservatives, our cupcakes will only last 2 days. (3 days in refrigerator).

For Cakes: you need it to be stored in refrigerator. once you take it out from refrigerator, let it rest for 30-45 minutes till it become soft and moist again.

What are main ingredients beecup use?

We are proudly use non preservatives and no cake pre mix in our product to ensure the best taste quality in our cakes, cupcakes, and other sweet baking products.

Do you use colouring for your cake or cupcakes?

We are trying to use colouring as less as possible, when we do use colouring, we ONLY use food grade colouring so its safe to consume even for children

Does beecup’s cake and cupcakes contain alcohol or lard?

For some cakes and cupcakes we do use rum for enhancing cake and cupcake flavours. However, if you have any concern regarding the ingredient, please do let us know, we are more than happy to remove it for you.

Do you make GLUTEN FREE or NUT FREE cakes/ cupcakes

Our kitchen is not Gluten free or Nut free environment. However we can confirm that we can make Gluten or Nut free cake and cupcake, but you need to order 10 days prior.

What are the option for payment?

For payment we accept; Cash, Local Bank transfer, and Paypal (overseas customer)

I am ordering from overseas, can I pay with Paypal?

Yes, we can send you Paypal invoice to your email. Paypal charges 6% per transaction, and please do check your local bank rate as well.

Are you delivering cakes and cupcakes across Bali?

Yes, we do deliver the cake and cupcake across Bali, there will be a minimum order and delivery fee (depends on distance).

Are you able to deliver the cake and cupcakes outside Bali? e.g Java?

Unfortunately we currently do not deliver our cake and cupcake outside Bali, but stay tuned in your near area.

Can you deliver at 11.59pm? I want to surprise someone with your cake and cupcake!

Yes, We are able to deliver at 11.59 pm. We call this “surprise midnight” delivery service, there will be an additional charge for surprise midnight delivery.

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