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Let's Bake!

Beecup bake products such cakes and cupcakes are using our own recipe. In the land of fast and quick of everything, especially in bakery world such cake premix, preservatives,food chemical substitutes, and artificial cheap food coloring; we are proud that we bake our products using a good old ingredients.

 Flour, eggs, butter, and sugar are the foundation to make a real most and good cake or cupcakes. Baking is not the same as cooking, when you cook you can add something to make it your food more delicious. Baking is totally different once you have mixed your ingredients thoroughly, and its in the oven you can not add anything else in the oven, otherwise your cake will be not as good.

Beecup has been baking since 2012, our baking recipe and process are proven. Two most important component in cupcakes and cake are the cupcakes and cake it self and the cream or ganache. To make a great cupcake or cake texture and tasting, perfect ingredient itself its not enough, oven temperature playing a huge role in making great cake, missing temperature by 5 degrees will affect your cake texture and taste.

The outer cover, cream or ganache, In Bali or Indonesia, we live in equator, temperature is hot with high humidity, if you made your own cake to be consumed by yourself is fine to follow any of your favorite recipe. How about if you want to have cake or cupcakes a center piece in outdoor event? Will your cover melt? Our outer cover cream or ganache for cake and cupcakes are perfectly stable for few hours outside in hot and humid weather that suitable in Bali, Indonesia, so your center piece is looking pretty fabulous yet still tasting delicious.

Curious about our cakes and cupcakes? You can easily visit our shop. See you in the shop xoxo.

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