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Preparation for your wedding day is stressing enough. Your magical special day in beautiful island of Bali without a proper cake is just a meeting, so we have heard.

It can be really confusing trying to figure it out how BIG your wedding supposed to feed several hundreds person or only just a few people.

Styling your beautiful wedding cake also comes with lots of options; such naked wedding cake, buttercream wedding cake, semi naked wedding cake, or fondant wedding cake. That’s not even include decoration for the wedding cake such what type of flowers? (real or faux or edible), beach theme wedding cake, floral wedding cake, option for your wedding cake are endless.

But most important thing, above all, the wedding cake need to be delicious, just like in beecup; We are proud to banned cake premixes, non-food coloring, etc. Simple honest ingredient of flour, eggs, and butter to start.

Wedding Cake Bali Beecup -  FONDANT WEDDING CAKE

Fondant or edible sugar paste or iced wedding cake is the main ingredient to cover your wedding cake. Due to its elasticity texture, you can customize your wedding cake in any color, structure, form that suit your wedding themes.

However, fondant can be a disastrous if inexperienced bakery uses them without any modification to the ingredient. Having a gorgeous wedding cake in Bali is very challenging because of the hot and humid weather.

What happen when Fondant exposed to warm temperature and high humidity? While it looks good on the bakery shop or instagram, what happened when it arrived in the venue outdoor? Oh nooo, it can melt, and ultimately it can be a disaster for your wedding cake.

In Beecup, we have enough experienced to deal with this situation, we use only the best imported fondant on the market. Better yet we are not stopping there, we also rework with the fondant to make it suitable outdoor wedding and weather in Bali.

Wedding Cake Bali Beecup -  BUTTERCREAM Wedding cake

We love buttercream wedding cake; the main advantage of buttercream is Flavor and the finish is gorgeous. Wedding buttercream cake mostly playing with texture finish and color, it can be manipulated from rough texture to smooth.

When you have buttercream wedding cake in Bali, extra attention very needed due to hot weather and humidity.

In Beecup we modified our buttercream that can last in Bali weather yet taste still delicious. Also, we will work out with you on how, when is the right time and presented your beautiful wedding cake on your wedding venue.

Wedding Cake Bali Beecup – NAKED or SEMI-NAKEd

Naked or semi-naked wedding cake is truly unique. It is your special day, means creating special you love, if that need to have Naked or Semi Wedding cake because you love the looks, and you do not like much icing on the cake, go for it! Most of these style of wedding cakes will create a truly unique cake that enhance your “earthy” or “rustic” theme wedding.

Wedding Cake Bali Beecup – VEGAN or GLUTEEN FREE wedding cake

Taking care your wedding guest at its finest. Remember also your beloved guest that has special dietary requirement or are vegan.

Vegan Wedding cake and gluten Free wedding cake has totally taste and texture, and not an easy task to complete.

In Beecup, our kitchen environment is not FREE of gluten, are we able to make it? YES.

Some step needs to be taking care of in advance such; confirming your order early. Why? Because we need to reschedule our kitchen job and to stop making other cakes because we will clean our entire kitchen thoroughly in order to have gluten free kitchen environment, then we all focus just to make the perfect cake for your wedding day.



On the next post, we will talking about sizing your wedding cake, big thank you for reading, xoxo.

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